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Dec 14, 2012 5:00pm PST
and the shooter who took his own life. all in a close-knit quiet community 90 minutes from new york. we will give you the latest information, but what we will not do is repeat the shooter's name over and over again. we don't want history to remember this murderer. we want history to remember the victims, the teachers and the children, those whose lives have been unfairly taken. we have a teamworking on the tragedy and we have soledad o'brien on the scene. there vigils tonight. we will be checking in with her shortly. vigils to tell you about as the people come to grips with what happened. so much happened and so much we have learned since this morning. right now there is an active crime scene and many of the bodies still where they fell. still inside that school including that of the killer. we do at least tell you his name once. it's adam lanza. we won't be saying it much tonight. he was 20 and his mother taught at the school. she was found dead at the family home, unclear when or how she died. she bought the weapons her son used legally. the police in hoboken took the killer's older brother in
Dec 8, 2012 1:00am PST
. there are lots of different possibilities. >> just when you think -- the year i was born, 1967 in new york, gay people were not allowed to congregate together. you were not allowed to be in the same bar dancing together. i mean, how far things have come so quickly. >> and, you know, 1967 was also the decision in loving versus virginia. that was the famous case that said interracial marriage could not be banned by states. today that looks like -- can you imagine a state that would ban interracial marriage? but 19 states still had that law in 1967. this, gay rights supporters have said, this is the loving versus virginia of gay rights. we'll see. you know, i don't know what the outcome will be. the fact they took both of these cases suggests they are really ready to engage with the issue. it sure looks like they are, the four democratic -- the four democratic members of the court will vote to allow -- to overturn doma, to allow california to have same-sex marriages. i think anthony kennedy, as is often the case, will be the swing vote. >> jeff toobin, thanks very much. >>> tragedy after a prank c
Dec 13, 2012 7:00pm PST
, now isha joins with us a 360 news and business bulletin. >> anderson, british police say the woman who who took a call regarding the duchess of york kmitd committed suicide. she left three suicide notes. >>> fiscal cliff fears on wall street, dow dropping 74 points. despite the release of upbeat economic data. now many merchants are sweating it out. in washington some community leaders are pointing to a local initiative to prove that even tough economies can k be beaten. tom has tonight's american journey. >> you ever travel around the whole world, what you will notice is this is the normal way to do business. >> far from the malls in the middle of downtown d.c., the holiday market is once again swinging to life with old world charm. for eight years now, even through the dark et days of recession it has been a steadily growing story of success for hundreds of artisans and draft dealers selling product from around the globe. michael helps run the market which was started in part it draw more shoppers to the area. how many people come through here? we're getting about 10,000 people a day
Search Results 0 to 6 of about 7 (some duplicates have been removed)